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Many Reasons to Visit Chihuahua

The greatness of Chihuahua goes way beyond its land area. As it is one of the state’s largest and most populated cities (the state occupies an eighth of the total surface of the Mexican Republic), is not a surprise that throughout this territory there is a huge amount of tourist attractions, natural, historical and cultural. With a little something for everyone, Chihuahua is a destination you need to visit!

The weather of Chihuahua, Chihuahua is one of its particularities. It is considered extreme, as it can descend to 19.4°F in winter and reach the 100.4°F during summer. The average annual temperature is 62-68 °F. Before traveling to Chihuahua make sure to check the current conditions and temperatures, since depending on the season can be extremely variable and it is essential to have the proper clothes to be comfortable.

Chihuahua is a modern and industrial city that honors its historical legacy and its culture as well. By visiting this capital city you’ll explore old streets and iconic buildings like the stunning Chihuahua Cathedral, of baroque-style and built with pink stone. The Government Palace at the Historic Centre and the Plaza de Armas (City Square), right in front of the first, are among the top tourist attractions of Chihuahua, Mexico.

During your trip to the capital city you cannot miss the delicious gastronomy of Chihuahua. This destination is characterized for the cattle breeding of the highest quality, which leads to the best cuts of meat, dry meat and “machaca”. The flour tortillas are also a must on the local’s tables, so whenever you’re visiting one of the many restaurants in Chihuahua you’ll find a menu mainly composed of the traditional discadas and the delicious burritos.

Chihuahua is a destination that serves as a point of departure to explore some Mexico’s most important natural and cultural attractions. You can go through the CHEPE (Chihuahua-Pacifico Train) route, which arrives in Los Mochis, experience the rhythm of life in the Sierra Tarahumara, explore the Copper Canyon and discover natural paradises like the Basaseachi Waterfall. In the city of Chihuahua you’ll find numerous tour agencies that offer a wide selection of tours and excursions, inside and outside the city, that will allow you discovering just a little of the undeniable greatness of Chihuahua.

To get to Chihuahua there are 3 ways. By air, through the General Roberto Fierro Villalobos International Airport, which has national and some international flights (Houston, Dallas and Denver) and that is 18 km away from the downtown area; by land, through a modern highways system and by train, through a train line that can only be described as spectacular. This line begins-ends in Los Mochis and there are stations in Cuauhtemoc, Creel, Divisadero, Barrancas, Bahuichivo, Cerocahui and El Fuerte. Enjoying a trip on the Chepe Train during winter will give you the unique chance of admiring the beauty of the snowy landscapes of Chihuahua.